Creating long-term value and a robust return on investment for our clients is the essence of our domestic and international business development practice.

Trusted relationships, market development, understanding current and potential customers, and taking advantage of opportunities are the foundational pillars of our efforts.   

Yet, just because an opportunity exists doesn’t mean it should be pursued. What and where are the potential pitfalls in a given market not yet discernible amid the short-term, herd thinking? How do we best position our company in a new market based on fast-breaking domestic and international events? How will budget and fiscal policy decisions soon to be made in state capitals, Washington, and other foreign countries impact our current planning?

These are the questions we’re frequently asked, and these are the questions we excel in answering — objectively, directly and honestly. We take great pride in the collective business acumen of our firm, our strategic partners, and the high-level domestic and international advisors with whom we work and maintain close contact.

In the realm of opportunities for Tennessee firms both domestically and abroad, we need only look at the fact Tennessee ranks first in the nation in foreign direct investment (FDI) and first in the nation for advanced industry job growth. The principals of Bridge Public Affairs are proud to have worked on both sides of Volkswagen’s historic, ongoing involvement in Tennessee: first, from the public sector in helping to bring VW to Chattanooga in 2008; and then later, in helping secure a second line for the plant which substantially increased the company’s investment in the state. 

We have the skill, insights, and longstanding relationships to help you capitalize on Tennessee’s world-class business reputation and accessibility to the most dynamic international markets. New business is our business. Let us help you find it.      


Bridge President and CEO Todd Womack joins Senator Corker and local leaders on a business development mission to Volkswagen’s corporate headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Areas of Expertise

    Opportunity assessment based on data, research, and proprietary knowledge

    Relationship and resource development and analysis

    Data and research design

    Domestic and international market analysis